Information Technology

Information Technology

A modern IT organization requires innovative solutions that scale.


Application Packaging and Testing

Our Application Packaging and Testing services help you create, test, and deploy application packages of various formats and complexity. Some of the application formats we work with include: APP, APPV, DMG, EXE, MSI, and MSIX.

  • We create application packages using the software packaging standards set by your organization. Don’t have any? No problem! We’ve developed a rigorous set of software packaging standards using frameworks and recommendations from industry leaders and agencies.
  • We thoroughly test each application package across multiple test cases.
  • We document the application packaging process for each application, and revise it as needed.

Enterprise Software Deployment

Our Enterprise Software Deployment services help you install, configure, and deploy complex enterprise software. Some of the enterprise software we work with include: Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, System Center Suite (Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager), VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon and more.

Ransomware Recovery

Our Ransomware Recovery services help you navigate the aftermath of highly sophisticated ransomware attacks and quickly restore your systems and services.

  • We assist your team with all aspects of the recovery effort.
  • We investigate and document any items of concern (IOCs) from the attack.
  • We facilitate difficult communications with internal and external stakeholders.
  • We implement new security measures to prevent the probability of future ransomware attacks.
  • We work with you to design a disaster recovery plan, based on the lessons logged from the recovery effort.

Custom Solutions

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Active Directory Cleanup and Re-structuring

Our Active Directory Cleanup and Re-structuring services help you cleanup, re-structure, and ultimately secure your Active Directory environment.

  • We develop a comprehensive, multi-step approach to cleanup your Active Directory environment.
  • We work with you and your team to assess the age, relevance, and purpose of each Active Directory object, taking appropriate action where needed.
  • We provide you a custom “best practice” model for managing your Active Directory environment going forward.

Operating System Imaging and Deployment

Our Operating System Imaging and Deployment services help you deploy and manage all the endpoints in your environment.

  • We engineer operating system images that are ready-to-go on the first boot, creating an out-of-box experience that’s simple, straightforward, and works for end users.
  • We develop comprehensive security policies that work in concert with your endpoint security and mobility requirements.
  • We create an operating system imaging process that’s designed to reduce deployment times and get end users up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours.
  • We document the operating system imaging process, and revise it as needed.

Hardware Procurement and Installation

Our Hardware Procurement and Installation services help you procure new and refurbished hardware at competitive prices, as well as assist with installation and setup.

Scripting, Automation, and Orchestration

Our Scripting, Automation, and Orchestration services help you write scripts to automate everything from simple tasks to complicated workflows. Some of the scripting languages we work with include: Batch, VBScript, PowerShell, AppleScript, and Python.

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