Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

The world of digital asset management is changing at a rapid pace.


Domain Name Management

Our Domain Name Management services help you maximize and grow your domain portfolio’s value.

  • We audit your current domain portfolio to determine the exact number of domains you have, who owns them (in-house vs. third party), which domains are actively being used, and the total cost of ownership (renewal, registrar, and agent fees).
  • We design a comprehensive strategy to consolidate your domain portfolio, categorize domains by criticality and purpose, update domain ownership information, and lapse domains that are no longer required.
  • We utilize free tools like Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your domains.
  • We develop a strategy for handling domains acquired through C&D, UDRP, and URS take downs (for new gTLDs).

SSL Certificate Management

Our SSL Certificate Management services help you provision, manage, and renew all your SSL certificates.

  • We track your usage of SSL certificates across all your websites and services.
  • We submit renewal requests on your behalf, and work with the certificate authority to validate your organization’s information.

DNS Management

Our DNS Management services help you manage and secure all of your DNS zones and records.

  • We audit your DNS zones to determine the name servers being used by each domain.
  • We work with you to cleanup old and non-essential records across all of your DNS zones.
  • We implement security measures to secure your DNS infrastructure.
  • We develop a strategy for managing DNS records when a domain is acquired or lapsed.

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